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  About Tak-Soft (ENG) 
About Tak-Soft (ENG)

I use alias "Tak-Soft" since 1990 as label of my products. Today I have about 20 years experience in PC programming and IT solutions. I wrote my first program in 1987 for MSX computers. During these years I have wrote many smaller programs for personal use and for special solutions.

My slogan is: "Good programs with good price".

I have specialized for developing IT and timekeeping solutions orienteering events. First program I wrote for sport already 1991. First national event where my programs are used was Ilves-3 in 1994. Today Tak-Soft has 95% from orienteering software market in Estonia. All major events are using software for timekeeping developed by me.

I have also registered company in Estonia - OÜ Tak R&D (in English: Tak R&D plc.). Company is founded already in 1995. Company main fields are: programming, digital electronic designs and services for sport events.

Some references:

Latest programs for orienteering (available also in English language*):


SIME - SPORTident Mini Events - easy to use program specially designed for smaller events (including trainings, club events, afternoon races etc). Only one computer is needed. No (pre) registration, all information is entered after finish during data readout from SI-cards. With runners database one operator could serve about 100 runners per hour.

SIME using open file formats for storing runner’s data and results. Simple CSV files are easy to manage by third-party programs for special result handling.

Link to product homepage


SIMO - SPORTident Micro Orienteering - first program for micr-O orienteering using SPORTident punching system. Current version supports one micr-O course description with multiple obligatory controls. With new BSF7 stations, card readout takes less than 1 second and number of penalty loops is shown on screen.

Link to product homepage


Race Manager (2006) [RM] - New program are written for European Championships 2006. RM is designed for individual (multiday) sport events. Supports time format down to 1/100 seconds.

RM using built in database engine - no need for extra database installations and configurations. Database supports standard SQL commands for editing data or creating special reports or exports. All results are in HTML files based on template files.

RM server module using TCP/IP protocol with open format commands. Third-party additional programs are possible to use.

Please contact for more information: tarmo@ tak-soft.com.


O-notebook. Where you keep yours results? O-notebook is program for keeping yours personal results in database. But not only for storing results, o-notebook have route drawing and calculation module, heart rate data import from Polar software (PPP and PCCoach), analysis wizards, graphs, reports and export for web (race blogs with maps).

Link to product homepage


Don’t hesitate to contact with me for getting more information about my programs and solutions for (orienteering) sport.

Tarmo Klaar M.Sc.
tarmo@ tak-soft.com
Phone: +372 5658253
OÜ Tak R&D (Tak-Soft)

*Translation progress is not finalized. User interfaces are translated, but manuals and other materials are not yet.

** All 2006 versions from programs supports all SPORTident cards (including SI-Card 8, SI-Card-9, SI-pCard).


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