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How to use SIME

Step-by-Step tutorial

:!: First rule: Don't mess with mouse, use keyboard as much as possible!

Before the event

  1. Open SIME and choose event directory (Select event) or add new directory (Add New)
  2. Choose SETUP
    1. Select from Program Setup page serial port where SPORTident Master station is connected. If you are using BSM7 station with 38400 speed, check “High speed reading”.
    2. On Event page choose runners file - if you have some list of runners and their SICard numbers, you may create runners database file before event. Start time is optional. This file is simple text file where delimiter is “;”:
      1;1054321;Tarmo;Klaar;OK Ilves;H21;10:10:00
    3. Enter Event name, date, organizer name and start time (or zero time).
    4. Create courses:

      Since version 3.5 of SIME it is possible to add distances in metres between controls to get the speeds.


      Since version 4.3 of SIME it is possible to add names for controls.

    5. Choose Windows printer driver and layout driver.
    6. Cthe licence file xxxxx_sime.lic into the main folder (where the SIME2k.exe is) and write the club/owner name in the field „club / name“ in the settings.

During Event

  1. Press „Read SI-Cards“ button. If all settings are correct, in the foot line the following entry is shown: Data OK;runners=xxx;courses=n;;start time: 10:00:00 printer driver
  2. To start reading SI-Cards press „Start“ button, if auto start is not checked in setup.
  3. In the head of the window is shown: SIME:OK:Club/User name:xxxxx = serial number Readout station.
  4. Read the SPORTident-Cards
    1. Insert SI-Card to SPORTident Master station. After putting SI-Card to master station hole, status image will change accordingly. If not, check serial port setting and readout speed.
    2. After reading down data from SI-Card some fields are automatically filled If runners SI-Card number is in database then runners data will be filled in the form. If runner's card number wasn't in database, then you may try to find this by entering runner's number to „Number“ filed and pressing Enter key. If program finds number from database, then fields will be filled. If runner didn't have number or she/he doesn't know, fill manually all fields after choosing the course.
    3. Then ask from the runner what course she/he ran and choose the course by using keyboard – entering course name or use up and down keys and then press Enter key.
    4. Now SIME checks the course and calculates results. If everything is correct, then press OK button. Now this result is saved to a file and if result printing is checked then the label will be also printed. If an «open» course is defined then disqualified runners are moved to the „open“ course. If runner has made punch to map, click [R] button before OK button and click on control where he/she made manual punch.
    5. If something is wrong - make corrections and repeat step 4.c.

After event

  1. If necessary make corrections in results using „Edit Results“ form. You may edit, add and remove results. You may add manually also the results which are not taken by SPORTident-System.
  2. Status - Control status,
    + = correct control
    - = missing control
    ? = control is not in the defined course
    R = is set manually
  3. Generate results - by default is available 3 types of results (Standard results list, split times table and all split times from selected courses as one report). Results are simple HTML files - ready for publishing in internet.
  4. It’s possible to generate export file in XML format (both IOF versions are supported).
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