Rogain Manager

Program for organisers of rogaining events.


  • Based on IRF rules of Rogaining.
  • SPORTident support (all available cards, inc new SI-10 and SI-11) (also supports SI-6 cards 192 punch mode)
  • different maximum times in different classes
  • many courses in same program (8h, 24h)
  • unlimited number of controls with different value points
  • extra controls - check-in, check-out, water/service CP
  • for long events (up to 7 days)
  • multiple readout station is supported over network for better serving readout process in Finish.
  • HTML results are ready for publishing in homepage
  • Different reports
  • Available in English and Estonian language. Translations are possbile to other languages.
  • Try before buy. Demo version available from Download link.


NB! New version is available for all registered users!  (version October 2013). Please send e-mail to info[a] to get latest version. For testing and evaluating software you may use Download button from right panel.