How to use SIME?

Watch this 3 minute SIME Screencast and see how easy is to use SIME with SPORTident!

Download SIME screencast (windows media video format)

You may using SIME from USB memory stick or memory card. For minimum setup you need only 3 files:

  1. SIME2k.exe - SIME program file
  2. xxx_sime.lic - SIME license file (xxx is SI master station number)
  3. zzzzz.spd - printer description file for SIME (zzzzz is printer name)

Optionally you may need runners file (runners.txt) and user interface translation file (simese.txt).


How to use SIME - Step by step

  1. Create folder for new event
  2. Enter event information
  3. Edit runners file
  4. Define classes and courses
  5. Select printout
  6. Configure serial port
  7. Enter SIME user name (club name)
  8. Read out cards
  9. Generate results