SPORTident Mini Event (SIME) is a program for training, score events and small events ("self service" events or special non-standard orienteering events). As SIME uses a simple text file based data format, anyone can write a program to calculate their own results (you can even use MS Excel or equivalent), and use SIME for downloading data from the SPORTident system.



SIME is ideal for small orienteering events!

List of main features:

  • Small size, you may copy the program and event files from one computer to another without installation and you can even start the program from a memory stick.
  • Easy to use
  • Course description supports OPEN courses and points calculation
  • Results labels for runners and for display; supports POS and standard printers
  • Reports with and without split times
  • Results editing
  • It is possible to add non-SPORTident results (for example manually taken times)
  • Runners database (simple text file)
  • Multilingual interface (EST, ENG, RUS, GER, FRA, LAT, NZL, SWE ,BRA, POL, CZH, FIN. Localisation is easy - all translations are in one simple text file.)
  • Input/output files in comma separated (CSV) format, making it easy to manipulate data in other programs.
  • Easy to do special events with SPORTident (like Rogain, hiking events, open courses, etc).

SIME Screencast

Watch this SIME screencast and see how easy is to use SIME.


NB! After choosing course, use ENTER key!

License and copyright

SIME is shareware program. You may try this FREE of charge.
To obtain license fill order form or contact me by e-mail : info(at) Please send SPORTident master station serial numbers also!

Copyright by Tarmo Klaar (Tak-Soft). SPORTident ® is a registered trademark of AES GmbH, Arnstadt.


SIME news

SIME 4.35 15.04.2012 (19:57)

New version from SIME is available. Many improvments are made.

SIME 4.35 supports all new SPORTident cards, included Active Cards

New 4.1 version is available 06.09.2009 (17:37)

New SIME version is available for downloading. Upgrade is free for all licensed users.

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